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Testimonials for TRT & HRT

Read what our patients have to say about how hormone and testosterone replacement have positively impact their day-to-day lives.

  • Being very skeptical and thinking like the masses about testosterone. I was quite wrong those are all just tall tales. When I approached the Medical Staff about feeling run down and not having any energy he gave me some information about what they do here at Midwest Hormone Centers. I decided to get the injections. After a week I was feeling much better and my energy level was great, and so was my libido. I also noticed that I was more focused and had more drive and confidence. I am losing weight and I haven’t even been going to the gym. I really feel great and the mental clarity that I have makes a huge difference in all of my daily activities. Thank you all at Midwest Hormone Centers!!! Kelly R. Kansas City MO, 64137
  • My wife Anita and I started going to Midwest Hormone Center last year. At the time I was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and we were both overweight. Our goal was to lose weight and look better for our upcoming honeymoon, and to see if we could do something about diabetes rather than just take doctor supplied drugs. We started HCG fat loss program and began bio-identical hormone treatments, we started having immediate results.By the time of our honeymoon last fall, we had lost 35 pounds each, felt years younger, and my blood sugar measured in the pre-diabetic range. We then both began Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy as well the impact of the treatments have been amazing we sleep better, feel better, joints don’t hurt, and it feels like it’s healing us from the inside out. We never thought we would be on Growth Hormone and it wasn’t one of our initial goals, having been on it and felt the benefits, we plan on using it forever. We found the keys to success are both being on it together and encouraging each other, and preparing food and shots on the weekends. What’s amazing to us is that for all the money and hassle we spend on health insurance and traditional doctors that throw drugs at you, this simple office with a few nice people and a fancy scale has done far more for us in practical terms of changing our lives for the better. Why isn’t this covered and everyone doing it? David and Anita Leawood KS, 66211
  • I am so blessed I have Midwest Hormone Centers in my corner… I tell you what these guys rock!!! My results are amazing when I came to the clinic I was weighing 136.9 and now I am DOWN to 137.6. People may think that is a typo but its all about Body Composition not weight loss. I have added 6.1 pounds of raw lean muscle and lost 5.4 pounds of body fat. My diet program has remained the same. My body is being more efficient with the food and exercise program I have always performed. Not to mention the improvement in mood, energy, brain fog, memory, focus and drive. Franchesca Alcanter, Kansas City KS, 66006
  • No need to respond but the emotion hit me now so I need to send this my wife and I feel so AWESOME! Thank you so much for all you do. Its a God send! My friend I referred is excited about his future at Midwest Hormone Centers. He said he was not feeling anything yet, I said “Dude your T score was so low, it takes some time. Thanks Again Brother Merry Christmas. Chris Harrisonville MO, 64701
  • I wanted to take a moment and thank you guys!!! When I was younger I was very active playing multiple sports and powerlifting. I joined the Navy and got in the best shape of my life and through the years I kept putting on weight, became tired all the time, and had trouble sleeping. A friend told me to come in to you guys and get checked out, come to find out I had low testosterone. So I drove from Houston, your staff came in and put pellets in me and also started me on your weight loss plan. I am a big guy 330lbs and so far I have lost an average of 1.34 pounds a day on the HCG and have increased my muscle mass by 4 pounds. I never expected these results, plus we just had a new baby and I feel like I have plenty of energy for him, my wife and my job. I just wanted to tell you all THANKS and will be seeing you soon!!! Jake W. Houston TX, 77002
  • It just hit me as I got up out of my chair that all the joint pain and aches I was having is totally gone. The muscle strain on my back is still there but that is on the mend, BUT the achy joints, elbows, wrists, knees, hips, all those pains I was living with is totally gone. I remember when I was told that hormone therapy would help that and I thought to myself “that would be amazing” ……IT’S TOTALLY AMAZING! I personally can’t say enough positive things about my personal choice to go the HRT and HCG route, it has seriously changed my life. When you know there is a better life to be had why wouldn’t you choose that life for yourself. You just don’t have to settle with feeling tired, unmotivated, achy, and moody. The investment I make to give myself and the rest of the world a much better version of myself is priceless. You can do all the diet programs, supplements, and exercise in the world but you won’t see optimum long term results without your entire body being in balance…..something or someone will suffer the missing element. If you have a fit body but no libido or are cranky how does that benefit your partner? I am on this journey to get that fit body, better mind set, and complete hormonal harmony and it is something that I feel both men and women should do for themselves. There is a reason they are saving marriages everyday. Anyways, I am totally here to answer any questions you have and you are even welcome to go to an appt with me if you are nervous. Watch me get 2 shots in my butt lol. It doesn’t hurt I promise. I will be eternally thankful to the staff at Genesis Health for changing my life Tara E. Independence MO 64052.

  • I come to see your group every week because not only have I began to feel better, but you all listen and understand what I am telling you. I feel I am not being judged and am being treated for what I need, an individualized approach and not just treating to some number on a piece of paper. Thank you and see you next week. Shea C. Belton MO, 64102My husband and I received treatment and I can say this “Saved our Marriage.”Just imagine what life would be with our friends, family and spouses if we all had balanced would be like heaven and we would have a blast..I also enjoy seeing my friends at Midwest Hormone Centers they do everything they can to improve our overall quality of life and health…everyone should go see them..Cheryl Lees Summit MO, 64064


    • I was athletic as a younger guy. I went to the Air Force, started a career and had my family. When it became time to correct my years of abuse and neglect to my body, I returned to the gym only to find out that I could not rid the excess belly fat or gain any lean muscle regardless of how hard I worked out. In addition, my joints constantly hurt and my exercise tolerance was very low. At work, I had lost my mental edge. I was tired and attributed to “aging.” At night when I returned home to my family, I was beat and often spent my nights in front of the TV. A friend of mine recommended I get my “T” level checked out. I did and I was low. After about a month of treatments, my body felt completely restored. My energy level was at an all time high, I was mentally sharper than I had been in years, and my abdominal fat started to shed. I helped it by taking the HCG program and lost a total of 66% of my total body fat. There are hundreds of books on the subject and has been treated for years “Testosterone for Life,” “The Testosterone Factor,” “The Testosterone Advantage Plan.” I feel like I did in my 20s and wish someone would have told me about this earlier in my life! Thomas D, Lees Summit, MO 64081
    • Want to give a big shout out to Scarlett McClain with Midwest Hormone Centers ~ I started the HCG fat loss last Wednesday, in hopes to get in better shape before the wedding, but also for life in general. I am astounded at the results so far!!!!! I feel AMAZING – so much energy, much happier, and much healthier! I have been eating lots of great foods and have no cravings or felt hungry! Since last Wednesday, I have lost 8.5 lbs of body fat and gained .25 lbs of lean muscle!!! Anyone looking to improve their life or health, contact Steve!! Can’t wait to see my full results in a few more weeks, and continue for the rest of my life!! Audra S, Lone Jack, MO No adult should be allowed to function without hormone balance and a b-12 booster. I feel 100% better today. Brain not so foggy.Woke up this morning to the tune “happy” in my head and had to do a little dance in my room because I simply felt like that was the most appropriate thing to do. First night of my progesterone and I got the first full night of uninterrupted sleep I have had in years. I did not wake up once. But I still woke up at my normal 6:15 feeling refreshed and energetic. I kid you not, if you are tired of feeling sluggish and not getting a good night sleep this is such a life changer. Not getting sleep will age you and it shows on your face and in your body, and ain’t nobody got time for that! Not this chic! I like this version of myself much much better! Now time to get ready for 8 clients today! Melissa , Kansas City, MO 64053